BioDrop MD Preservative Free Eye drops

Preservative-free comfort to relieve symptoms of dry eyes


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BioDrop MD® eye drop is intended to relieve mild to moderate dry eye problems.  Hyaluronan, the natural moisturizer, aids symptoms of the dry eye disease, protects epithelium of the cornea and expedites healing of corneal wounds. To ensure eyes with a natural feeling, the chemical and physical properties of BioDrop MD® are adjusted to resemble the healthy tear film.

BioDrop MD® contains neither preservatives nor ingredients of animal or plant origin. Like all the other Piiloset products, BioDrop MD is not animal tested.

BioDrop MD® is suitable for frequent and prolonged use. It is packed into a handy 10 ml multidose dispensing system designed for sterile and preservative-free ophthalmic products. 10 ml equals to approx. 240 drops. Developed in co-operation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation.

Developed and manufactured in Finland, BioDrop MD® Plus is a Medical Device that suits everyone with dry eyes.


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