Optomed Aurora IQ Fundus Camera (Full Set)

Sight is our most precious sense!

With a 50° field of view, the Optomed Aurora IQ Fundus Camera combines the quality of a desktop fundus camera with a compact and portable design – resulting in the most versatile fundus camera available.

Perform fundus screening anytime, anywhere with the AI enabled Optomed Aurora® IQ handheld fundus camera designed to meet your needs both in usability and image quality to detect blinding diseases.

Delivery would be made within 4 weeks of payment!!


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Optomed Aurora® IQ handheld fundus camera is an AI enabled camera made for examination and documentation of the retina and anterior of the eye to diagnose various neurological disorders and various blinding eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, AMD and glaucoma.

The Optomed Aurora IQ camera takes handheld retinal imaging to the next level by introducing various updates to both usability and image quality.

The camera includes a new High Contrast optical design that helps to detect small early phase retinal changes. A 50-degree field-of-view combined with non-mydriatic operation allows a detailed examination in various use cases. The ease of use is further increased by autofocus and autoexposure functions.

It has the capability to capture digital images and video that can easily be sent to an ophthalmologist. The Aurora IQ camera can be easily integrated into different hospital systems. The camera’s integrated Cloud-connection also allows sending images to an optional AI service for analysis of for example diabetic retinopathy changes.


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